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Engineering – Ingegneria Informatica SPA

Engineering Group is one of the main actors in the digital transformation of both public and private companies and organisations, with an innovative range of services for the main market segments. With 40+ locations (in Italy, Belgium, Germany, Norway, Serbia, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, Argentina, Mexico, Brazil and USA), the Engineering Group designs, develops, and manages innovative solutions for the areas of business where digitalisation generates major change, such as Digital Finance, Smart Government & E-Health, Augmented City, Digital Industry, Smart Energy & Utilities, and Digital media & Communication. With its activities and projects, the Group is helping to modernise the world in which we live and work, combining specialist skills in the final frontier of technologies, technological infrastructures organised in a unique hybrid multi-cloud model, and the ability to interpret new business models. With important investments in R&D, Engineering plays a leading role in research, coordinating national and international projects and participating in international networks playing the dual role of promoting research on software at an international level and transferring innovation to the production cycle of the business structures.

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CS Group

CS GROUP is a large and very innovative company based in Paris – France, with subsidiaries in Europe, Asia, as well as in North America, and listed on the Paris Stock Exchange. It employs 2100 people worldwide, among which 90% are PhDs or Engineers, for an annual turnover of 210 M€ in 2021, of which ~20% are allocated to RTD activities. CS GROUP expertise in critical systems makes it a partner of choice in the sectors of defense and security, space, as well as aeronautics, energy, and industry. Acknowledged as a very innovative company, CS GROUP participates in numerous French competitiveness clusters, as well as European Commission and ESA programs. In May 2020, CS GROUP Defense Business Unit merged with DIGINEXT, its prestigious 100% owned subsidiary, to form a European leader employing 700 experts in the field of Defense and Security. And, in February 2023, CS GROUP became part of SOPRA STERIA, European tech leader recognised for its consulting, digital services and software development thus becoming a European key player in defense and security, space and aeronautics.

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RESALLIENCE by SIXENSE is a French recognized consultancy and engineering company, pioneering approaches towards increased resilience of territories to climate change. RESALLIENCE by SIXENSE aims at contributing to improve the resilience of the built environment thus strengthening civil security through appropriate adaptation measures. We bring together a dynamic and visionary team of engineers, geographers, climatologists, data scientists, architects, urban and land use planners whose aim is to increase infrastructure resilience through innovative technical and Nature-based Solutions. We are pragmatic, science-based, impact-oriented and excellence-driven team with an accumulative analytical and technical know-how. Our vision is to make our operational contribution to solving environmental, socio-economic and political challenges for the decades ahead. Our services are structured around four activities:

  • Analyses: vulnerability analyses for territories, territorial diagnosis and methodologies development, disaster and risk assessment, remote sensing and GIS based modelling, predictive monitoring, weather and climate data analysis, TCFD reporting and EU taxonomy compliancy services.
  • Innovative solutions: technical and functional engineering, Nature-based Solutions, hybrid solutions in the field of infrastructure, land use, transport, mobility, energy, tailor-made digital tools.
  • Earth observation and geo-analytics: use and process of satellite data, predictive modelling of climate evolution, risk mapping.
  • Project coordination: project management assistance, integration of technical solutions and coordination through collaborative engineering and international consortia.

We place great importance on the quality of products we provide under ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 since the day RESALLIENCE by SIXENSE was established in 2018. RESALLIENCE by SIXENSE has developed strong collaborations with international partners such as the Space Climate Observatory from UNEP, the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) (including the CEA-LIST and the Laboratory of Climate and Environmental Sciences), Universities (from Paris, Copenhagen, Singapore, etc.), research units (Mediterranean Risk Environment and Sustainable Development Institute – IMREDD; Efficacity; the Interoperable Information Model for Sustainable Infrastructures program; the ParisTech and VINCI Eco-Conception Chair) and technical partners. RESALLIENCE by SIXENSE is also a member of the Steering committee of the Global ABC (Global Alliance for Buildings and Construction) on adaptation to climate change. RESALLIENCE by SIXENSE is an active contributor of resilience-building through its involvement in resilience standards, operationalization, and investment bodies. RESALLIENCE by SIXENSE works for diverse range of national and international customers, such as critical infrastructure operators and real estate, across Europe, Africa, Asia and the Caribbean’s. To date, we have more than 85 projects developed in more than 70 countries.


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INTRASOFT International S.A.

Netcompany-Intrasoft is a leading European IT Solutions and Services Group with strong international presence and expertise, offering innovative and added-value solutions of the highest quality to a wide range of international and national public and private organizations. As of November 2021, Netcompany-Intrasoft became a member of the Netcompany Group, a Denmark located IT company founded in 2000. Netcompany is the fastest growing and most successful IT services company in the Nordics, owning vast technology experience and deep industry-specific knowledge, creating innovative solutions tailored to meet business goals. In the context of the ATLANTIS project, Netcompany-Intrasoft is responsible for the platform integration.

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SingularLogic (SLG), a Space Hellas Group member, is a leading Enterprise Software and Digital Integrated Solutions and Services provider for large enterprises and organizations of the Private and Public sectors. SingularLogic capitalizes on its vast experience and knowhow to respond effectively to its customers’ digital challenges. It empowers its customers attain their strategic goals with contemporary integrated applications for enterprises, organizations, and vertical markets, while provides design, implementation, and support services for Integrated IT solutions of Global leading vendors. SingularLogic has highly skilled personnel with deep business knowledge and digital expertise. It has an extensive portfolio of solutions and services, a national distribution network, a large customer base in all market sectors and, has implemented big-scale IT projects for the Private and Public sectors, nationally and internationally.

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Telecom Slovenia d.d.

Telekom Slovenije is the leading and most advanced Slovenian provider of cutting-edge ICT services and solutions. It is always focused on development, and the introduction of new technologies by providing its users with a state-of-the-art network, the latest services and an excellent user experience. We connect users and simplify their lives and ensure security through a range of the most advanced ICT services and solutions. We are recognized as a leader in the introduction and integration of new generations of mobile and fixed communications, system integration and services in the cloud and multimedia content. We have the largest and, according to users, the best and most reliable mobile network in Slovenia. The Telekom Slovenije Group is among the most comprehensive communication service providers in South- Eastern Europe. In addition to being the national telecommunications operator in Slovenia, it also operates through its subsidiaries on the markets of SEE, including Kosovo, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro and North Macedonia. The Group operates one of the most complex backbone networks in the region of South-Eastern Europe.

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Siemens AG (Berlin and Munich) is a technology company focused on industry, infrastructure, transport, and healthcare. From more resource-efficient factories, resilient supply chains, and smarter buildings and grids, to cleaner and more comfortable transportation as well as advanced healthcare, the company creates technology with purpose adding real value for customers. By combining the real and the digital worlds, Siemens empowers its customers to transform their industries and markets, helping them to transform the everyday for billions of people. Siemens also owns a majority stake in the publicly listed company Siemens Healthineers, a globally leading medical technology provider shaping the future of healthcare. In addition, Siemens holds a minority stake in Siemens Energy, a global leader in the transmission and generation of electrical power. In fiscal year 2021, which ended on September 30, 2021, the Siemens Group generated revenue of €62.3 billion and net income of €6.7 billion. As of September 30, 2021, the company had around 303,000 employees worldwide. With a history of 117 years in Romania, Siemens is represented locally in most existing activities globally and operates 4 factories in Sibiu and Buziaș and 5 R&D centers in Bucharest, Brașov and Cluj-Napoca. There are around 2,300 employees at Siemens, one-third working in digital jobs. These are specialists who are promoting existing solutions or provide technical support, or develop products for hardware, software, and engineering in the fields of energy, industry, medical imaging, mobility and smart infrastructure. They are joined by experts in IT services and solutions who develop web, mobile and SAP applications. Siemens Digital Industries provides automation projects and products on the local market as well as specialized training. Our digital solutions are offering the possibility to collect data and analyze it, so that manufacturers can streamline their production process. Siemens Smart Infrastructure combines the real and digital worlds across energy systems, buildings, and industries, enhancing the way people live and work and significantly improving efficiency and sustainability.

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Synelixis Solutions S.A.

Synelixis Solutions S.A. is a high-tech SME, that provides turnkey networking, security, control and automation solutions. By utilizing modern open-source software technologies and open middleware platforms, Synelixis engineers are able to ensure an optimized solution that fulfils the project requirements. Synelixis Solution technology superiority is a result of extensive R&D activities in the areas of cloud and edge computing, IoT, AI/ML and cybersecurity. The product-oriented core competencies of Synelixis include expertise in end-to-end multimedia communications, telecommunications middleware platforms, sensor networks and network security. Synelixis is a company with significant high-tech prospects in the fields of networking and security. Powered by excellent people and strong relationships to globally renowned organizations, Synelixis is a high performance, rapidly growing company

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NetU Consultants Ltd.

NetU is a leading IT solutions and services organization in the Eastern Mediterranean region with offices in Cyprus and Greece. From 1991, NetU has been consistently selected by medium and large organizations to be their IT business partner, to help them achieve their corporate objectives and obtain a competitive advantage. Within one organization, NetU has the depth and breadth of resources to support its customersambitious strategies, by providing Business Solutions, Technology Solutions, Professional Services and Systems Integrations. Today, NetU is recognized as a major Integrator in the region and has developed strong local and international activity

Byte Computer S.A.

ΒΥΤΕ COMPUTER S.A is a leading Greek Information Technology and Communications (ICT) Integrator with a dynamic presence of over 30 years in the Greek ICT Market and focus on the private sector. In particular, BYTE is amongst the five leading ICT vendors that successfully carry out projects in the Greek public sector. Moreover, BYTE has extended its business activities beyond the borders of Greece, providing business solutions in other countries including Cyprus, Albania, Bulgaria, Romania and Serbia. Since its foundation in 1983, BYTE’s mission has been the design, development, implementation and support of reliable business solutions, infused with leading edge information technologies to serve its customer needs on an end-to-end basis. The company’s superior know-how and long experience, combined with its innovative initiatives in e-Business, e-Signature and e-Learning, have helped Byte become one of the top partners for organizations and businesses that need specialized and advanced solutions to cover their increased operational needs in the modern environment. By offering a wide range of high added-value services, Byte is converting customer investments into measurable business results.

Snep Asset Management d.o.o.

3D-4D-6D Digital Twin WEB based platform for Energy management, OEE, CMMS, BIM-Facility management, Smart building, Technical security, BI, Predictive and Preventive Maintenance for all buildings, all-assets, landscapes, utilities. Monitor and command assets, processes or network as an effective strategy to improve system performance. Protect the health and safety of employees, environment, and business objectives, by reducing asset and process related incidents and avoid unplanned downtime. Predict issues before breakdowns occur, order correct spare parts and schedule repairs at times that don’t impact production goals. See all underwall installations, have a 3D documentary system, know your assets in details.

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Athens Technology Center S.A.

Athens Technology Center (ATC) has been designing, developing and supporting leading technology solutions for publishers and news agencies for more than 20 years. From editorial and digital asset management tools, integrated with cross-channel publishing capabilities, to awarded solutions that help media organizations fight misinformation. Since 2018, ATC is one of the private companies actively engaged in the EU’s Code of Practice on Disinformation action planestablished the first European Observatory against disinformation (SOMA), provided services monitoring cases of disinformation on behalf of the European Science Media Hub of the European Parliament, and currently supporting 5 multinational Observatories of the EDMO network, with specialized tools for the detection and analysis of misinformation incidents. Within this spectrum, ATC’s contribution to the ATLANTIS project will be based on its extensive background in Fact-Checking and Verification and Social Media Listening solutions & tools (Truly Media, TruthNest, Social Listening Service).

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Cybercrime Research Institute GmbH

Cybercrime Research Institute (CRI) is an independent research institute and think tank based in Cologne, Germany. The mission of the Cybercrime Research Institute is to provide legal research and advisory that goes beyond state of the art. To ensure highest standards the institute incorporates a large network of researchers in different parts of the world and including subject matter experts with extensive experience in different fields of Cybercrime, Cybersecurity and Human Rights. The strategic aim of CRI is to provide legal research as well as solutions in relation to strategy, policy and legislation. Since its foundation the institute through its broad network of researchers conducted more than 100 studies related to Cybercrime and Cybersecurity. This includes more than 30 comparative law analysis covering related legislation for more than 50 countries. The institute and it’s experts are and have been conducted research and training for various international organizations and expert working groups such as the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), the ITU High Level Expert Group on Cybersecurity, United Nations Office on Drugs and Crimes (UNODC), UNODC Core Expert Group on ID-Related Crime, United Nations Counter Terrorism Implementation Task Force (CTITF) and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). Several of the experts of the institute serve as advisory to organizations such as ITU, NATO, Interpol, Europol and others. One focus area – especially with regard to EU-funded projects are legal, societal and ethical issues related to Cybecrime, Cybercrime investigation and AI. CRI was and is work package leader related to legal, societal and ethical issues in various EU projects related to Cybercrime/Cybersecurity and carried out intensive research.

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Luka Koper

The company Luka Koper provides port and logistics services in the port of Koper. Our core business covers cargo handling and warehousing services for all types of goods, complemented by a range of additional services for cargo with the aim of providing a comprehensive logistics support for our customers. The company manages the commercial zone and provides for the development and maintenance of port infrastructure. Luka Koper has a concession granted from the Republic of Slovenia for the management of the port area until 2043. The company invests in infrastructure and superstructure in the port area. Port of Koper is multipurpose port, it is also 1st container terminal in Adriatic and among largest automotive ports in the Mediterranean. Port of Koper is located on crossroads of TEN-T corridors (MED and BAC corridor).

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Port of Rijeka Authority

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By building, managing and maintaining the motorways and expressways of Slovenia, we connect the country and provide our users a safe and comfortable mobility. We take various measures to guarantee road safety and ensure an uninterrupted traffic flow on the motorway network. Special emphasis is given to raising awareness about a safe and tolerant driving style among users and the general public, as well as regular and timely reports on traffic conditions.

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Slovenske Zeleznice

From a national train operating company to one of the leading technology-driven transport operators in Slovenia and the surrounding area, Slovenske železnice Group delivers complete logistics and passenger services

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Petrol, Slovenska energetska družba, d.d

Petrol is energy for life. The largest Slovenian energy company with a strong presence in south-east Europe, the Petrol Group is spearheading the transition to cleaner energy sources, putting the user first. For over 75 years, the Petrol Group has been improving daily life in the Adriatic region. We are the first stopover on each journey and the energy for all the upcoming changes. Supported by new technologies, Petrol is improving energy efficiency, investing in renewable sources and transforming established ways of how energy products are sold and used. We are breaking new ground with sustainable mobility and are proud to be part of exciting pilot projects that highlight all that we are and all that we can do. Partnering with the industry, the public sector, research centres, suppliers and households, Petrol is leading the way towards achieving key environmental goals, recognizing that energy is us, together.

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Ferrovie dello Stato Technology S.p.A.

FSTechnology S.p.A is the ICT Company of the Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane Group (FS Group) that manages the existing FS ICT landscape composed by more than 800 application systems and more than 450 employees with ICT professional skills.

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JRC Capital Management

JRC Capital Management Consultancy & Research GmbH is a financial institution focusing on quantitative investment strategies for trading in the most liquid assets, for instance Forex markets. JRC was founded in Berlin in 1994 and offers services to institutional clients as well as wealthy private individuals in the fields of asset management, brokerage and financial research & development. Apart from the front office, JRC’s R&D department with its highly skilled team of specialists who combine economic knowledge and financial modelling expertise with mathematical and IT-background is central to the company. JRC is regulated by the BaFin (Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht) and stands under the supervision of the German Bundesbank. JRC’s business fields are:

  • the independent asset management for institutional investors and wealthy private clients
  • Development and implementation of algorithmic trading- and prognosis systems for Forex and Derivatives
  • Development of funds and structured products in co-operation with renowned financial institutions
  • Development of Overlay Management Strategies for Currency Risk Hedging

JRC’s core competence lies in the development and utilization of highly specialized, fully automatic prognosis- and trading systems that serve as the basis for their trading and asset management. The focus of activities lies on algorithmic trading of alternative investments as currencies and derivatives. Through their engagement in EU and national scientific research projects JRC constantly benefit from the exchange with leading researchers and receive new impulses for their core-activities through this co-operation.

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CaixaBank S.A.

CaixaBank is the leading financial group in Spain and one of the most significant in Portugal, where it controls 100% of BPI. The bank, chaired by José Ignacio Goirigolzarri and directed by Gonzalo Gortázar, has around 21 million customers in the Iberian market, and the largest commercial network on the peninsula. It has approximately 6,300 branches and 15,400 ATMs, and is the industry leader in the digital banking sector with 10 million digital customers. CaixaBank is committed to a socially-responsible universal banking model, based on trust, quality, and specialised products and services adapted to each segment. Its mission is to contribute to the financial well-being of its clients and to support the progress of society. It was awarded the “Best Bank in Spain 2016” and “Best Bank in Digital Transformation in Western Europe” awards for excellence by Euromoney and ”2019 Best Bank in Western Europe” (Global Finance). The innovative effort inherent in the culture of the enterprise to be a reference company in technology in the financial market, based on criteria of accessibility and usability. Similarly, technological innovation is one of the strengths of CaixaBank, constantly striving for the innovation, necessary for an organization in order to enhance the services it offers to its valuable customers along with the whole community in general. Moreover, it is an active stakeholder in the cybersecurity innovation for the financial sector in Europe and it is currently participating in several H2020 projects related to cybersecurity and big data (CONCORDIA, ENSURESEC, INFINITECH, TRAPEZE, AI4CYBER).

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The HYGEIA Hospital is the first large Private Hospital Institution that came into operation in Greece and is the first private clinic in Greece which was accredited with the Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation, the world’s leading accreditation for quality and safety in healthcare services. In its 50 years of operation, HYGEIA has been driving the development of private healthcare in Greece and has been continuously enhancing its services both on an infrastructure and organization level. It also ensures its alignment with technological developments in medical science, standing out as a point of reference in Greece and Europe

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SITAF SPA – Società Italiana Traforo Autostradale del Frejus is the Concessionaire of the A32 Motorway Torino – Bardonecchia and T4 International Frejus Tunnel in North-West Italy. The tunnel is managed also by the French Concessionaire SFTRF  – Société Française du Tunnel Routier du Fréjus. The A32  is part of European motorway corridor 5 (Kiev-Lisbon) and it is a cross-border highway  between Italy and France. The highway is long 73 km,  the tunnel is long 13 Km.

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Service Départemental d’Incendie et de Secours de la Savoie

The Savoy Fire and Rescue Services (SDIS73)  are in charge of emergency response, fire prevention and protection, and all types of hazards. They work daily with other services and professionals involved in accidents and disasters protection and control. The 2,400 firefighters provide risks coverage from 80 fire stations gathered into 9 Operational “Bassins” (areas). These basics operational units are complemented by specialised teams (Mountain Rescue, lifeguarding, R&R, Hazmat…) trained to respond to particular risks in addition to current risk. Indeed, Savoie department concentrates many risks which implies as many specialties (Building hazards in stations and old center, Road and rail tunnels, Chemical risk (industry and transport), Natural hazards related to the mountain, Water risks on 10 great lakes. In ATLANTIS project, SDIS73 will serve as first responder participating member and as a specialist in the critical infrastructure of the Fréjus tunnel, the largest road tunnel in France. The SDIS73 will therefore be involved, with the others first responders, in the elaboration of the PILOTS and provide specialized skills.

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KEMEA – Centre for Security Studies

The Center for Security Studies (Kentro Meleton Asfaleias – KEMEA), founded in 2005 by Law 3387, is a scientific, consulting and research organization overseen by the Minister of Citizen Protection, governed by common law and annually audited by chartered accountants. Its principal purpose is to conduct theoretical and applied research and studies, particularly at strategic level, on security topics and policies. Moreover, it is the think-tank of the Ministry of Citizen Protection on numerous policies such as public order, correctional services, terrorism prevention, crime prevention, integrated border management and civil protection as well as on various other security and societal issues; it also provides advisory and consulting risk-management services to an array of public and private organizations.

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Institute of Corporate Security studies

Institute for Corporative Security Studies (ICS-Ljubljana) is organized as non-government resea institution. The vision of the ICS Ljubljana is to create top-level knowledge, technologies and processes in the area of corporate security while managing the entire spectrum of security risks. Wit responsible and professional provision of comprehensive services in the area of corporate security create safer and richer future for the users of our services and knowledge.

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European Union Satellite Centre

The European Union Satellite Centre (SatCen) is an Agency of the Council of the European Union (EU) whose mission is to support the decision making and actions of the European Union in the field of Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP), in particular Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP), including European Union crisis management missions and operations, by providing products and services resulting from the exploitation of relevant space assets and collateral data, including satellite imagery and aerial imagery, and related services.

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University of Rijeka, Faculty of Maritime Studies

Faculty of Maritime Studies, University of Rijeka is the oldest Maritime Education and Training institution of higher education in the Adriatic area, offering academic degree courses in Transport Technology, Logistics and Management, Nautical Science and Maritime Safety, Marine Engineering, Marine Electronics and Communications. Academic staff offers scientific expertise and experience in: transport logistics, transport technology, port operations, transport economics, shipping and port economics, maritime safety, navigation, electronics, marine engineering, marine power plants, maritime law, law of the sea, verbal maritime communications, etc. FMS has accumulated experience from more than 500 scietific and professional projects in Croatia and abroad. In addition, FMS has completed numerous feasibility studies in the area of maritime safety, marine environment protection, concession feasibility studies etc.

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Jozef Stefan Institute

The Jožef Stefan Institute is the leading Slovenian scientific research institute, covering a broad spectrum of basic and applied research. The staff of about 1050 specializes in natural sciences, life sciences and engineering. The subjects concern production and control technologies, communication and computer technologies, knowledge technologies, biotechnologies, new materials, environmental technologies, nanotechnologies, and nuclear engineering. The mission of the Jožef Stefan Institute is the accumulation – and dissemination – of knowledge at the frontiers of natural science and technology to the benefit of society at large through the pursuit of education, learning, research, and development of high technology at the highest international levels of excellence.

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Centre of Research & Technology Hellas

The Centre for Research and Technology Hellas (CERTH) is one of the largest research centres in Greece. It was founded in 2000 and is located in Thessaloniki, Greece. The mission of CERTH is to promote the triplet Research – Development – Innovation by conducting high quality scientific research and developing innovative products and services while building strong partnerships with industry (national and international) and strong collaborations with research centres and universities in Greece and abroad. CERTH has participated successfully in more than 1,000 competitive research projects (with a total budget exceeding 423 M€ and involving more than 1,100 international partner organizations) financed by the EU, leading industries from USA, Japan and Europe and the Greek Government. CERTH is listed among the Top-20 Research Centres of the EU with the highest participation in FP7 competitive research grants for the period 2007-2012. CERTH has received numerous awards and distinctions. The Visual Computing Lab (VCL) of CERTH’s Information Technologies Institute is contributing with AI research in disinformation, explainable AI and Federated Learning architectures for protecting critical infrastructures.

Vicomtech Foundation

Vicomtech is a non-profit applied research centre specialising in Artificial Intelligence and Visual Computing and Interaction, applied to a wide number of sectors, such as Civil Security, Digital Health, Advanced Manufacturing, Energy or Transport and Mobility, among others. Vicomtech researches,  develops and transfers new technologies in collaboration with businesses, other technology centres and universities, supporting the industry and other economic agents in the delivery of innovative products and services.

Ministère de l’Intérieur, Securite-civile

Ministry of Infrastructure of the Republic of Slovenia

The Ministry of Infrastructure ensures continuous improvements to Slovenian transport and energy infrastructure. We maintain, plan, regulate, and improve the field of rail, road, air, cableway, and maritime transport as well as inland waterway transport. We are also responsible for transport policies and infrastructure. We strive to achieve sustainable mobility and transport, which should be safer, more economical, and green. We ensure that energy supply is reliable and set the foundations for transitioning into a society which uses energy products more effectively and generates energy mainly from renewable sources.

Republic of Slovenia, Government Information Security Office

The Government Information Security Office is the competent national authority in the field of information security in Slovenia, which acts as a government office. Its core mission is to increase resilience to cyber threats that can threaten individuals, businesses, government and society at large.

Ministry of Citizens Protection, Hellenic Police

Hellenic Police is a law Enforcement agency and its mission includes three (03) main pillars:

  1. General policing duties and active road traffic safety
  2. detection, prevention and confrontation of criminality, organized crime and terrorism
  3. External borders protection

Ministero Dell’ Interno, Dipartimento di Pubblica Sicurezza, Polizia di Stato