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The mission of ATLANTIS will be achieved by pursuing the following 4 Strategic Goals (SG):

SG01: AWARENESS. Improve knowledge on large-scale, vulnerability assessment and long-term systemic risks.

ATLANTIS will contribute to improved large-scale vulnerability assessment and the generation of relevant knowledge and awareness on resilience of ECI against systemic risks. This will ensure a higher level of knowledge and understanding of the risks/hybrid threats that CIs have to address, the security strategies for preparing, anticipating, preventing, detecting, mitigating, responding to such threats and recover. ATLANTIS will enable the full exploitation of its technological innovation by a culture of ECI security (in connection with the project funded under SSRI-01-02-B) and implementing a human-centric approach combining decision support and human expertise.

SG02: CAPABILITY. Improve the systemic resilience of ECI, through novel, adaptive, flexible, and customizable security measures (“by design”) and tools (“by innovation”).

Deliver systematic methods, process and novel tools to assess, manage and mitigate systemic risk, derived from hybrid threats and complex cyber-physical attacks. These will include resilience-oriented tools for vulnerability assessment, risk assessment, response planning, threat intelligence, prediction and anticipation, remediation and mitigation, detection (of hybrid, systemic attacks), response management, damage assessment, recovery aiming at maximising operational and systemic business continuity.

SG03: COOPERATION. Effective cooperation among CI operators and government security stakeholders, while preserving CI autonomy and sovereignty.

Enable effective collaboration, in order to: 1) prepare and execute joint and coordinated resilience, mitigation and response plans to manage systemic risks; 2) create and manage a common situational “picture” and exchange relevant information and intelligence; 3) impede the propagation of cascading effects: a) between the physical and the cyber world; b) across interconnected and interdependent CIs.

SG04: TECHNOLOGY. Deliver an open technological framework that will provide the ECIs with AI -based solutions for increased AWARENESS, CAPABILITY and COOPERATION in managing systemic threats.

ATLANTIS will allow to easily integrate future security technologies, data feeds/analysis, decision-support services and effectively integrate existing solutions already deployed at the CI. The framework will be based (whenever applicable) on open source and/or EU technology, in order to contribute to the strategic autonomy of ECI and EU on critical services.


ATLANTIS will address the following specific objectives:

#1 Continuous and collaborative large-scale hybrid vulnerability assessment support

#2 Long-term intra-domain, cross-domain and cross-border systemic risk analysis

#3 Confidentiality preserving Federated Machine Learning (FML) and Explainable AI (XAI)

#4 Trusted collaborative cross-domain/cross-border knowledge Sharing and mitigation

#5 5G and multi-constellation satellite systems to complement GNSS in PNT services

#6 Improved use of threat intelligence for the anticipation of systemic risks

#7 Systemic, large-scale, CPH situation awareness for resilient ECI

#8 Real-time cooperative cyber/physical security monitoring and mitigation facility

#9 Real-world demonstration of ATLANTIS methodology and framework

#10 Skills improvement and capability maturity

#11 Cooperation support and ethical, legal, and societal acceptance of the ATLANTIS solutions