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Improving resilience in the Financial Sector

The mission of ATLANTIS, which involves 39 European partners with complementary roles and skills, is to improve the resilience and the protection capabilities of interconnected ECI exposed to evolving systemic risks due to existing and emerging large-scale, combined, cyber-physical threats and hazards, guarantee the continuity of operations, while minimizing cascading effects in the infrastructure itself, the environment, other CIs, and the involved population, enabling public and private actors to meet current and emerging challenges by adopting sustainable security solutions. CaixaBank member of ATLANTIS and as the first financial Institution in Spain has a ECI role in the Financial Sector, a disruption of its normal activity could represent a serious problem for the functioning of the normal economic transactions, for this reason CaixaBank is taking the leading role in one of the Large Scale Pilots of ATLANTIS where we are working together with the rest of the ATLANTIS partners and specially with the technology providers on improving the resilience and cyber-physical security of the Financial Sector, beyond the scope of different assets and systems separately and addressing resilience at a systemic level.  So 3 Use cases has been defined within the Financial Large Scale Pilot where we will test in real scenarios the suitability of new technologies and techniques provided by ATLANTIS’ technological partners to improve the resilience of the Financial Sector, focusing on applying Data Analytics and AI not only to identify risks but also to respond in the best way possible by providing advice and context information to better respond to these risks.

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