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Upcoming consultation at the Slovenian Council of State

On 27 November, the National Council of the Republic of Slovenia will host a national consultation on resilience and business continuity of key organisations as an imperative for modern society. The consultation will be organised by the Institute for Corporate Security Studies in cooperation with the Slovenian Association for Corporate Security. The event will also be attended by several distinguished members, ranging from the President of the State Council, a few ministers, and other senior representatives of CI organisations, as well as CEOs of CI operators.

The event will take the form of a strategic roundtable with senior representatives from government institutions and industry. The main highlights of the event include a discussion on new system approaches to ensure greater resilience and business continuity of organisations. Participants will focus on the actions needed to improve preparedness for potential crisis situations.

The panel will also present the results of three major European projects in the field of critical infrastructure protection, which have provided valuable lessons for the development of best practices in resilience and business continuity, including the ATLANTIS project.

Jolanda Modic, PhD. will present the European project ATLANTIS, which focuses on improving the resilience of critical infrastructure to transnational and systemic risks. Milan Tarman, PhD. will present the European project SUNRISE, which develops strategies and technologies for a unified and resilient critical infrastructure and vital services in Europe in the event of a pandemic, and Mr. Aljoša Kandžič will present the just completed project PRECINCT, which focused on preparedness and implementation of resilience to cascading cyber-physical threats and impacts on critical infrastructure, with a focus on district or regional protection.

The national consultation will highlight the importance of ensuring the resilience of organisations and the key role of corporate security in modern society. The event will be an excellent opportunity to exchange views and solutions and will highlight the importance of cooperation between different sectors in strengthening the resilience of organisations in modern society.

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